Meet the team

The Leeds Long Covid Community Rehabilitation Service is a partnership between Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust and The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. 

The service has been developed to help people in Leeds who are experiencing new, long lasting problems 12 weeks or more after a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection which are significantly impacting how they are able to function in day-to-day life.

Our Multi-Disciplinary team consists of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians and Rehabilitation Assistants, to provide rehabilitation for people in a clinic or home setting, using face to face and virtual consultations. The team are supported by consultants from The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust with specialities in rehabilitation medicine, cardiology, and respiratory medicine.

In 2021, the Leeds Long Covid Rehab team were won a joint award together with The University of Leeds and ELAROS in Medipex’s NHS Innovation Awards in the Management of Long Term Conditions category for their work in forming the UK’s first long Covid rehabilitation clinic, setting a benchmark for the UK to follow.

Additionally, the Leeds Long Covid Rehab team won the BMJ Clinical Team Leadership of the year award in 2021 for the formation of the UK’s first long Covid clinic and their follow on work in developing the C19-YRS digital platform.

Rachel Tarrant BSc

Jenny Davison BSc

Dr Denise Ross MCSP, PhD

Jenna Shardha BSc

Fiona Cicognini BSc

Hannah Diskin BSc, RD

Sophie France BSc