Dr Tom Richards

Scientific Director of NeuRestore

Dr Thomas Richards joined Elaros in 2022 as Scientific Director of the Neu-Restore platform. He studied a BSc in Medical Science (2014) followed by a PhD in neurophysiology (2018) at the University of Leeds. During his doctoral studies, he worked both in research, studying motor control pathways, and in education, demonstrating practical laboratory skills to undergraduates. He has also worked closely with Memorial University in St Johns, Canada, where he seconded in order to conduct experiments on a collaborative project.

Thomas’s main focus of study has been the physiology of motor control pathways, towards the goal of improving personalised therapies for conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, and cerebral palsy. He has worked with several different programming languages in order to apply a range of signal processing, statistical, and clustering techniques with which has developed a number of analysis pipelines.

Whilst working at Leeds Institute of Data Analytics (LIDA) from 2019-2021, he also worked on projects studying prescription patterns of inhalers across the COVID-19 pandemic and agent-based models to which would integrate live to data in order to model movement of people around a building.

At Elaros, he is implementing the skills and knowledge he has accrued towards Neu-Restore, a stroke-management platform and assessment, which aims to create the gold standard for stroke management and diagnostics.