Return to Work - Overview


44% of those experiencing Long Covid reported a significant impact on their work (Office for National Statistics, 2021).

The largest global study of “Long Covid” to date has found that many of those suffering from ongoing illness after infection with Covid-19 are unable to return to work at full capacity six months later.

Over 45% reported requiring a reduced work schedule compared with pre-illness and 22.3% said they were not working at the time of the study due to their health condition.

Davis et al 2021.  Characterizing Long COVID in an International Cohort: 7 Months of Symptoms and Their Impact


Taken from a study by Trades Union Congress on workers’ experiences of Long Covid:

  • 52% of workers experienced poor treatment at work due to ‘Long Covid’
  • 19% were asked by their employer about the impact of their symptoms
  • 13% were asked whether they had Long Covid at all
  • 18% were going through absence management/HR processes
  • 5% felt they were ‘forced’ out of their jobs
  • 9% had used up all of their sick leave due to Long Covid

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Return to Work Videos - University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Trusts