Pain Management - Overview

What is Pain?

We all experience pain, some more than than others and there are many kinds of pain. There can be sudden pain when we fall and cut our knee or twist our ankle.

Pain is unpredictable. Pain can also start with no obvious injury. It is how our brain warns us that something might need protecting or is causing damage to our body. We experience pain when our brain processes the information that it is receiving as threatening. 

Tissue damage send messages to the brain via the nerves, but this does not necessarily result in pain. One of the confusing things about pain is the pain you experience does not relate to the amount of tissue damage. Therefore, it can be difficult to understand and accept that pain does not always mean harm. 

People who live with persistent pain have told us that learning a little more about pain and the nervous system helps them better manage their pain.

You can use the menu below to read content about understanding and managing pain which has been developed by Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Trust.