Activity Diary:


How to use it:

  • Record what time you wake up/go to sleep
  • Record your energy at the start/finish of each day
  • Write down everything you do including rest
  • Rate your level of fatigue after each activity

What should count as an activity?:

Everything you do that uses energy!

  • Routine activities – getting washed and dressing; toileting; cleaning; shopping 

  • Moving around – walking; using the stairs; getting out of bed

  • Physical activities – exercise, lifting, bending, stretching

  • Mental/emotional activities – stress; anger; conflict; worry

  • Cognitive activities – reading, watching television; doing a puzzle; social media

  • Communication – having a conversation; attending a meeting; 

  • Sensory activities – noisy environments; bright lights; 

How to rate your activities:

  • By recognising how different activities make your feel after completion, it allows you to identify specific patterns.
  • A response of  0 would indicate that you do not feel at all fatigued. 

A response of 10 would indicate that you feel totally fatigued and exhausted.