Assessment of brain fog

Health Professionals can complete the following initial assessments in order to identify any specific cognitive deficits or areas of concern which may require further medical investigation: 

GP assessment

Discussion about symptoms, medications, blood tests, investigations/imaging etc.

Holistic assessment

A detailed comprehensive assessment completed by a range of professions looking at your symptoms alongside your medical history, medications, lifestyle, habits and routines.  

Self-Monitoring and Reporting

Your own perspective of how your cognition has changed from what it was pre-Covid; along with the perspective of family and friends.

Outcome Measures/Screening Tools

Questionnaires completed by a range of disciplines, which look at look at Fatigue, Mental Fatigue, Breathing Pattern, Sleep, Diet, Mental Health.

Formal Cognitive Assessment

A formal pen and paper assessment completed by GP, Occupational Therapist or Mental Health Practitioner, assessing different areas of cognition.

Functional Assessment

A practical assessment completed by an Occupational Therapist where you are assessed completing activities of daily living such as making a cup of tea; getting washed and dressed or shopping. A functional assessment is used to observe the effect that your cognitive deficits have on your day to day functioning.

Specialist Assessments/Investigations

Assessments and investigations completed by specialist services – see next section.